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Here is a summary in English on me and my work. Enjoy!

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About me

I am multilingual artist with extensive experience in acting in the contexts of both traditional role
work and contemporary theatre. I have worked within theatre in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

I have performed in site-specific performances, contemporary theater
performances, spoken dramas, puppet and object theater performances and dance installations.

I act, perform, direct, write for the stage and work as a mentor/ outiside-eye.

My performances have been seen at both theatre insitutions and museums such as Tehdas Theatre, Grus Grus Theatre, Turku City Theatre, Turku Swedish Theatre and Svenska Teatern Helsinki, The Serlachius museum in Mänttä, Wäinö Aaltonen museum and Turku castle.

Since 2014 I have been developing the artistic activity of the multidisciplinary, bilingual Turku-based nomad theatre Mental Airlines - Henkinen lentoyhtiö - Det spirituella flygbolaget (Grus Grus Teatteri - Grus Grus Teater). The ongoing artistic developement and activity is implemented inside the associations artistic coregroup - consisting of five professional artists in Performing Arts, specialised in different disciplines.




MA in Acting:

2005-2011: I studied Acting in Drama Theatre under professor A.D. Andreyev at SPBGATI (RGISI), St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. During 2010-2011 I enjoyed exchange studies in at Uniarts Helsinki Acting departement. The courses at SPBGATI (RGISI) were implemented in Russian, and the one-year exchange programme at Uniarts Helsinki Acting departement in Swedish and Finnish.

BA in Drama pedagogy:

I studied at Turku Arts Academy in the departement of Theatre and Drama under Untamo Lepola, Marja Kangas and Minna Haapasalo in the years 2005-2010

Further training:

2018-20: I was a student at Taiteellisen ajattelun akatemia (The academy of artistic thinking), a study programme organised as a co-operation between Cirko (Centre for new circus) and Uniarts Helsinki.

2021-2022: I took part of Stockholm Uniarts (Teaterhögskolan SKH) further education, conducting part-time studies in the course "Developing an Artistic Research Project"

Teaching Arts

I teach Acting, Artistic practices, Drama and Storytelling, Audience Developement and Applied Art, both for professionals, professionals to-be and amateurs.

I enjoy the design and implementation of courses, student guidance and supervision in artistic work. I am also good at establishing and nurturing cooperation with guesting lecturers and and cultural institution.


A few places I teach at:

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences - Turku Arts Academy

Kiljavan opisto - Voionmaan opisto


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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